All of our downloads are of course free of charge. They are simple tools but can greatly assist you when time is not on your side. To download any of our tools simply click on the corresponding image and the download will happen automatically.

The Bet Adviser Profit Tracker is a simple, easy to use excel based document. All we need to do is add our bet details to the Profit Tracker and it will automatically calculate any profit or loses to your monthly total. The features include:

  • Easy to use
  • Simple design
  • Can be downloaded and used on any device
  • Date, bet details (bookmaker, offer type and offer notes)
  • Automatic calculations of monthly profit and loss
  • Running Total to record profit and loses throughout the month

Our excel based Rule 4 calculator makes it easy to calculate your new back and lay price if a horse is subject to Rule 4 because of a withdrawal. Enter the back price, lay price, bookmaker Rule 4 reduction and betting exchange reduction factor to receive your new odds.

Our Odds Cheat Sheet is perfect for each way arbers who need quick access to the place odds of your bet. The Odds Cheat Sheet includes all commonly found odds along with unusual Ladbrokes boosted odds.

Please note: The Ladbrokes boosted odds may be out dated in the future if Ladbrokes decide to change their boost structure. If this happens, the Odds Cheat Sheet will be updated accordingly.

Available in PDF and Word formats.

Quick and easy to follow fractional odds vs decimal odds table.

Available in PDF and Word formats.