Dutching Calculator

Decimal Price Stake
Selection 1 (required) £
Selection 2 £
Selection 3 £
Selection 4 £
Selection 5 £
Selection 6 £
Decimal Price Stake
Selection 7 £
Selection 8 £
Selection 9 £
Selection 10 £
Selection 11 £
Selection 12 £

Total Staked £
Return if any selection wins £
Profit £

Dutching can be a brilliant way to ensure profit or minimise loss without the need for a betting exchange. It is particularly useful for taking advantage of two promotions at one time (i.e tennis and darts) or if the betting exchanges retirement rules differ from the the bookmaker.

Using The Bet Adviser Dutching Calculator is simple

  1. Enter your back odds in at least selection 1 and 2.
  2. Adjust your Total Stake to suit requirements per selection (i.e bookmaker 1 must have a minimum stake of £25 to qualify for an offer and bookmaker 2 must have a minimum stake of £10 to qualify for an offer)

The calculator will automatically work out the optimal amount to stake per selection based on Total Staked.