The Premier League returns for the 2019/2020 season and Sky Bet are giving us a Soccer Saturday Super Boost to profit from. Sky Bet have opted to offer up 3 Super Boosts this weekend! This means we can choose to take a guaranteed profit of £3.86 or have a risk free shot of £30.64 Here’s how it’s done:

Qualifying Bet and Strategy for the Soccer Saturday Super Boost:

All we need to do for these Super Boost’s is place our back bet at Sky Bet, and lay it off on the exchange – the prices offered are usually generous arbs so we can make risk free profit regardless of the outcome. 2 of the 3 Super Boosts today can be exploited. They are: Bournemouth, Fulham and Watford all to win and Bournemouth, Fulham and Brighton to win.

For this example we will be placing our qualifying bet on Bournemouth, Fullham and Watford at odds of 11.0. We can lay this accumulator off on either Smarkets of Betfair Exchange. We can find the correct market on Smarket by following Football > Accumulators > Saturday, while on Betfair Exchange we can search “Acca” and click Football Saturday Acca 09 August to find the markets.

Let’s take a look on the matched betting calculator to see what our profit will be:

Back Bet

Lay Bet

Adjust Lay

Required Lay £
Bookmaker Exchange Cashback Total
If Back Wins
If Lay Wins

As we can see by the calculator if we place a £10.00 back bet on Bournemouth, Fulham and Watford at odds of 11.0 and place a lay bet of £14.14 at odds of 7.8 on the treble we make a guaranteed profit of £3.86. However, we can make a higher, risk free shot by underlaying the selection, but if the accumulator lose’s we will not make a profit. To do this we can adjust the Slider on the Matched Betting Calculator like the image below. This means we can have a risk free shot at £30.64.

So, regardless of the treble winning or losing we can either lock in a guaranteed profit of £3.86 or have a risk free shot at winning £30.64 should we chose to underlay the selection and all 3 teams win.

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