Smarkets are giving us a bit extra over the festive period by releasing the Smarkets Premier League promotion. It’s available to both new and existing customers and is available across the next 10 weeks! All we need to do is risk £10.00 or more on five different Premier League matches and Smarkets will give us a £10.00 risk free bet the following week. With simple matched betting, we can make around £6.00 per week, for the next 10 weeks! Here’s how it’s done:

Terms of the offer

  • Offer available both new and existing customers. Opt-in required here.
  • Promotion available between 00:00 on Tuesday 3rd December 2019 until 23:59 on Monday 10th February 2019.
  • Bets must be placed on Premier League markets excluding outright markets.
  • We must have 5 x £10.00 of settle exposure per week to be eligible for the £10.00 risk free bet.
  • Users who sign up via the Smarkets Sportsbook will not be eligible for this promotion.


There are a couple of ways we can play this offer and ensure a weekly profit. We can either place 5 £10.00 back bets and place our lay bets at another betting exchange, or place lay bets with a liability of £10.00 or more per market. As long as we have £10.00 of exposure on 5 different Premier League matches per week, we will qualify for the risk-free bet.

If you use Smarkets to place football lay bets then you will likely be adding to your eligibility without even thinking about it! Please bear in mind that if your are trading out on a market, and your total exposure is less than £10.00 when the market settles, it will no longer contribute as one of the £10.00 of exposure bets.

For ease of use we will simply be placing 5 £10.00 back bets at Smarkets, and laying these bets at another exchange, for example Betfair Exchange. We should aim to lose no more than £0.50 per match for this offer.

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What’s next?

Our £10.00 risk-free bet will be credited the following week. You can see if you have been credited your risk-free £10.00 bet by navigating to the “Promotions” tab on the Smarkets website or App.

If you’re a regular Smarkets user, you may unknowingly use your risk-free bet while place normal back or lay bets, so be sure to keep an eye on your account statement just in case this happens. If however you are not a regular Smarkets user and are aiming to place a £10.00 risk-free back bet, then remember to use the risk-free mode on the calculator, adding £10.00 into the cashback figure (as exampled below).

If we have taken a £2.50 qualifying loss across our 5 Premier League bets, we should expect to see around £6.00 per week, for the next 10 weeks from this Smarkets Premier League Promotion, as long as we can extract around 85% profit from our weekly £10.00 risk-free bet. Please remember that when extracting profit from risk-free bets, higher odds will yield a far better profit.

Back Bet

Lay Bet

Adjust Lay

Required Lay £
Bookmaker Exchange Cashback Total
If Back Wins
If Lay Wins
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